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Just Pets is a family owned and operated pet store that has been open since October 1994. We pride ourselves on the health of our animals as well as having a very knowledgeable staff. When we sell an animal we try to pass along a great deal of information to our customers so they can provide better care for their new pet.

We are a full-line pet store and we carry supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals. We do not “carry” dogs or cats, but instead, we work with local humane societies to help adopt out those animals in their care.

Our prices are superb! Don’t let anyone try to tell you that everything is cheaper at Superstores, because it’s just not true! Our everyday low prices on everything from dog food to Midwest crates are hard to beat!

Call Us Today! - 1-800-841-7971
Today’s Hours - Wednesday -

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393 RT-5 (31.70 mi)
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